Blue Velvet

I’ve been living in Los Angeles for a little over two months now, and I have already met some of the most incredible people. My new friends have inspired me in so many ways. I love nothing more than working with those who share the same creative passion that I have… View Post

Plunging Jumpsuit

A trend we saw a lot of this summer was an exposed bra. Whether it was under a sheer top, paired with a plunging jumpsuit, or over a t-shirt, it was everywhere. I am always intrigued when new trends breaks the barriers of traditional dressing, allowing us to freely… View Post

White Lace Overalls

I can’t believe it has only been a month since I moved to Los Angeles. It feels like I have been living here for months! I was always told in New York that I am so LA, whatever that means.. and now that I’m here people keep telling me I am so… View Post

Wide Leg Trousers

It has been a week since I officially moved to Los Angeles. The transition from New York has surprisingly been easy, aside from a few furniture delivery mishaps. I have wanted to move to California for as long as… View Post


This asymmetrical set is from my new favorite California brand SHOPWANTLIST. It is no surprise that founder Victoria Griffin was a sought after Creative Stylist for major retail corporations throughout California.… View Post


New York City is the most amazing place during the summertime. Everyone is eating lunch in the park, and sitting on stoops basking in the sunshine. The city comes to life again. Maybe I am starting to feel slightly sentimental because I will be moving by the end of the month.… View Post

Style Moi

I recently worked with an amazing brand called Style Moi. I had so much fun adding a slight modern and architectural edge to the traditional ’90s style. What I love about this collection is… View Post

Leather & Lace

A must have summer staple is a dainty cropped jumpsuit. When I found this gem from Sandro, I couldn’t wait to style it with my leather combat boots to contrast the lace details. In my book, nothing is better than leather and lace together… View Post

Tattoo Print

If I had to choose one brand to wear for the rest of my life, there’s no doubt in my mind that it would be The Kooples. It has just the right amount of military elegance and androgyny to compliment my personal style. What always excites me about the clothing is the details.… View Post


I typically dress more feminine during the summertime, but lately I have been opting for a more athleisure look. What is better than throwing on stretchy trousers, a bomber, and your favorite kicks? Nothing.. except maybe wearing gym clothes.… View Post

Custom Marble Skin

As much as I love traveling, it feels so good to be back home. My best friend and I went to California and then to Florida for a little getaway. It was definitely one of my favorite trips to date. No matter how hard I try to pack light, my suitcase is always overweight. Is it really necessary to have 60 pounds worth of clothing and shoes for a two week trip?… View Post


Sundays are for resting, and sourcing inspiration to keep my wheels turning. I hope you enjoy this collage I made. It embodies my favorite color at the moment, in some form or another. … View Post