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As much as I love traveling, it feels so good to be back home. My best friend and I went to California and then to Florida for a little getaway. It was definitely one of my favorite trips to date.

No matter how hard I try to pack light, my suitcase is always overweight. Is it really necessary to have 60 pounds worth of clothing and shoes for a two week trip? Definitely not.. but packing anxiety is real my friends. As a result of my terrible packing skills, I have mastered the art of tipping off the lovely people at curbside check-in.

As much as I try to stay away from work while I am away, I bring my laptop for peace of mind in case something comes up. With this gorgeous marble laptop skin from Case App, I know it will be sheltered from my busy travel schedule. If you want to get your hands on a custom iPhone and/or laptop skin from Case App, use my 20% off discount code WEARABOUTS20. The code will be valid until June 12th!