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Untitled-2Wearing: Gaucho Sur

Photography by Shaye Babb | Instagram

If you love traditional and timeless clothing as much as I do, you are going to love the up-and-coming brand Gaucho Sur. Gaucho Sur is a contemporary women’s lifestyle brand inspired by the classic South American cowboy, “the Gaucho.” The laid-back style clearly evokes the South American culture. After getting my hands on a few of their pieces, I knew that this brand was special. Not only are the styles classic, but the quality of the clothing is impeccable. It is no surprise that Gaucho Sur believes “the only clothes that should be worn are those that make you feel and look good.” Each item is produced in Peru and the United States, encouraging fair trade and a vegan philosophy. Anything that supports an ethical approach I can get behind. Especially when it involves wearing beautiful clothes that don’t harm animals and the environment. What’s not to love?