The Highest Point

JDF_7050JDF_7497JDF_7042   JDF_7059 JDF_7095 JDF_7100 JDF_7109 JDF_7124 JDF_7193 JDF_7224 JDF_7233 JDF_7241 JDF_7248 JDF_7258 JDF_7265 JDF_7321 JDF_7315 JDF_7268 JDF_7302 JDF_7337 JDF_7358 JDF_7379 JDF_7391 JDF_7402 JDF_7410 JDF_7527JDF_7235 JDF_7429 JDF_7600 JDF_7612 JDF_7618 JDF_7667JDF_7657 JDF_7672 JDF_7683

All images were shot by my brother Jon Fleurant.

I have watched Jon’s photography tremendously evolve within the last year. His images inspire, excite and surprise me. We have been traveling together quite a bit within the past few months so I am looking forward to featuring his work more on my site. He beautifully captures the essence of each location and infuses his images with just the right amount of grunge and authenticity. These images were shot during our recent camping trip to High Point State Park, New Jersey.