Work Hard Now, Play Later


Wearing: HM Track Pants | HM Bomber | Kendall & Kylie Heels

Photography by Shaye Babb | Instagram

The moment I landed in Los Angeles my schedule has been a combination of extreme hectic and long-winded moments of serenity. It is difficult for me to find a healthy balance between the two, but for anyone working as Freelancer I am sure you can understand this feeling of sporadic momentum. On the flip side, I have learned to enjoy my days off immensely, as I never know when my schedule will ease up again. My new motto has become work hard now, play later.

Reflecting on the past few months has me feeling so incredible blessed for all of the opportunities I have been given. 2016 was a huge year for me. Not only in my career, but in relationships and self-growth. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and moving to Los Angeles with only one friend, which happened to be my boss at the time, forced me to really dig deep into what I want out of my life, and what it actually takes to get there. I have truly learned the value of hard work, and had moments where I didn’t know if I was tough enough to make it in the cut-throat industry of fashion. I thought I had my fair share Devil Wears Prada moments while working in New York, but boy was I wrong. Through all the blood sweat and the tears, I proved to myself that yes, I can handle it, and I will do so with my chin up and a smile on my face.

2017 has some exciting things in store for me, and I can only hope that I find a balance between work and play, although my motto still stands.